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    "The guys were great! Very prompt, polite and hard working"

    Colin Evans

    Roof Cleaning Lenton Abbey offers a complete roof cleaning service for private and business premises in Lenton Abbey and surrounding villages/towns in Nottinghamshire. Roof cleaning can be a quick way of improving the appearance of your property, by clearing moss, lichen, dirt and anything else that has built up there.

    As a roof ages and become more porous, many become invaded by moss and dirt. Maintaining a roof that is clean and without moss and dirt can be challenging for most homeowners and can become a constant source of problems.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your roof look brand new again?

    roof cleaning Lenton Abbey

    Why should I have it cleaned?

    Roof Cleaning Nottinghamshire

    Large amounts of accumulation of moss and algae on your roof and other natural growth may cause you big problems with the roof and the durability of the tiles will over time be affected too. If you neglect your roof, you’ll find these plants will rapidly spread uncontrollably with their roots working their way into vulnerable spots in the tiles of the roof, gradually widening them throughout time until cracks become visible. Like all living organisms they need water to thrive, and once it has rained, they’ll act like a sponge holding as much water as they possibly can. As it finds its way in the cracks within your roof it could cause serious and costly damage to the rafters and joists. Finally you could well find moss that has come loose and rolled down the roof ending up in your gutter which can lead to overflowing rainwater from your gutter which penetrates and damages your fascia’s. In conclusion, having the roof cleaned is a necessary job for many reasons.

    For many people though wanting a clean roof is entirely an aesthetic decision and we can’t blame you for that! Roofs can become very unsightly because of organic growths like moss and lichen, and this is when a roof cleaning professional is necessary. Roofs are also often discoloured and stained by a frequent bacterium called gloeocapsa magma affecting the general appearance of your otherwise beautiful house. Without a doubt, this bacteria growth is completely natural but after all it isn’t nice to look at and gradually it can damage your roof. Comparing a clean roof and one that needs a clean can be night and day. After months and years of seeing your roof get progressively dirtier wouldn’t it be brilliant to see it looking almost as good as new again?

    The next question is, “Is this a simple DIY job that I should attempt to do myself?” Let’s look at some evidence to propose what the best way to do this is.

    Can I just do this myself?

    Roof Cleaning Yourself Lenton Abbey

    The biggest reason why a lot of people haven’t attempted to clean their own roof is the fact that it requires working at a height where most of us wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe. At these kinds of heights any type of tumble can lead to a very serious wound.

    Many rogue companies who carry out this kind of work, claim that it is easy money and that it doesn’t take much skill. Is there any truth in that? A service like this requires a level of skill and attention that we can deliver. Using the correct roof access equipment, the correct tools and our experience and know-how we can deliver a roof cleaning service that is worthwhile without you having to put yourself in unnecessary danger.

    What is the process?

    Roof Cleaning Before and After

    We will survey the roof with care and attention before commencing any work, to establish the best approach to take depending on your roof. Then we will consider what’s growing there and the how best to clear out the growth. Then we can start to work on cleansing your roof of organic colonising growths by getting right into the moss root system and eliminating the spores. You’ll notice an instant improvement and continued change as time passes.

    Some things to consider.

    We have already looked at some other factors that can affect having your roof cleaned. So, let’s also consider the following.

    • Size of house and the size of its roof.
    • How much vegetation is currently on the roof.
    • Type of roof – for example in the case of a thatched roof, no water is involved.
    • Accessibility of the roof.
    • Height of the roof.

    Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, don’t risk serious damage to yourself or dis-repair to your house by attempting a DIY roof clean. Complete the quote form or ring us for a quote, and leave it to the pros.

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