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    "The guys were great! Very prompt, polite and hard working"

    Colin Evans

    Roof Cleaning The Meadows

    Roof Cleaning The Meadows provides a professional roof cleaning service for home and commercial premises in The Meadows and surrounding areas in Nottinghamshire. Having your roof cleaned can be a relatively quick improvement to make to the look of your house, by getting rid of moss and more that has grown on your roof.

    As roofs age and get more porous, they are gradually invaded by moss and debris. Keeping your roof clean and void of any moss and dirt may be quite difficult for the majority of homeowners and may become a continual issues.

    Would it not be nice to have your roof looking like brand new again?

    roof cleaning The Meadows

    Why do it?

    Roof Cleaning Nottinghamshire

    A large accumulation of dirt, moss on roof tiles and other organic growth may cause serious issues with the roof and the life expectancy of the tiles will eventually be compromised too. If you neglect your roof, you’ll find these organic growths will quickly spread out of control with their roots working their way into vulnerable spots in the tiles of the roof, steadily widening them over time until cracks become visible. Like all living organisms they need water to live, and after it rains, they’ll act like a sponge holding as much water as they possibly can. As it finds its way through the cracks into your roof it might well cause serious and expensive damage to the rafters and joists. Also you could well discover moss that has dislodged and fallen down the roof finding itself in your gutter which can result in overflowing rainwater from your gutter which damages and soaks into your fascia boards. Really then, getting a roof cleaned is an important service for a number of reasons.

    For many though wanting a clean roof is entirely an aesthetic choice and we don’t blame you for that! Roofs can become very unattractive because of organic growths like moss and lichen, and then a roof cleaning company is needed. Roofs are also periodically discoloured and stained by a frequent bacterium called gloeocapsa magma affecting the general appearance of your otherwise stunning home. Of course, this bacteria growth is not unusual however it isn’t attractive to look at and it can over time damage your roof. Comparing a clean roof and one that hasn’t been cleaned can be night and day. After years of observing your roof get more and more dirty wouldn’t it be lovely to see it looking almost as good as new once more?

    Maybe you’re wondering, “Is this a simple DIY job that I should have a go at doing myself?” Let’s consider some evidence to recommend what the best way to do this is.

    Could I just clean it alone?

    Roof Cleaning Yourself The Meadows

    The biggest reason why most people don’t clean their own roof is because it requires working at a height where many of us wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe. At these kinds of heights any sort of tumble can lead to a very serious injury.

    Many cow-boy tradesmen who do this kind of work, reckon it’s easy money or that it doesn’t need a lot of skill. How true is that? A service like this requires a degree of skill and care that we can provide. Using the appropriate roof access equipment, the best tools and our experience and know-how we can provide for you a roof cleaning service that you are happy with without you needing to put yourself at unwanted risk.

    What is the process?

    Roof Cleaning Before and After

    We will inspect your roof carefully before beginning any work, to determine the best cleaning method to use depending on your roof. Then we will assess what’s growing there and the how best to remove the growth. We can then start to work on cleansing the roof of organic colonising growths by getting right into the root system of the moss and eliminating the spores. You’ll notice an improvement straight away and continued improvement as time progresses.

    A few factors to consider.

    We’ve already looked at some other factors that can affect a roof cleaning service. So, consider just a few more.

    • Size of house and the size of its roof.
    • How much vegetation is present on the roof.
    • The type of roof – for example in the case of a thatched roof, no water is used.
    • How accessible is the roof?
    • How high is the roof?

    Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, it is not worth risking serious insult to you or damage to your dwelling by trying to do your own roof cleaning. Fill in the free quote form or call us for your free quote, and leave it to us.

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